Holding Skunk Kit
Distemper vs Rabies in Ohio Wildlife

Both rabies and distemper are present in Ohio wildlife. These diseases pose a risk that can threaten the lives of both your family and pets. When encountering sick or odd-behaving wildlife on your property, understanding the basic symptoms of distemper vs rabies can help you to properly handle the situation. Canine Distemper Canine distemper is […]

Inspecting For Raccoons
How To Inspect for Raccoons

Raccoons can cause a tremendous amount of damage to your home. The longer raccoons are in your home, the greater the level of damage. Understanding how to inspect for raccoons and raccoon activity in and around your home, and how to identify raccoon damage to your home, is key to preventing raccoon damage. There are […]

Mothballs to Deter Wildlife
Mothballs to Deter Wildlife?

If you’ve spent any time on the Internet, you know it is full of bad advice.  Included in the category of “worst advice to give” is the use of mothballs to deter wildlife.  Does it get rid of wildlife?  No.  What it does do is contaminate your home and yard. When someone asks the Internet […]

Rodent Damage
Winter Rodents in Your Home

We’re fast approaching winter here in Ohio, and humans are not the only ones preparing for the cold weather.  Infestations of winter rodents are among the top pest issues reported by homeowners during the season. There are many types of wildlife in Ohio that enter homes in the winter, seeking shelter from the cold weather.  […]

Raccoons Giving Birth in Ohio
Raccoons Giving Birth in Ohio

Female raccoons giving birth in Ohio occurs between late March and early April. Raccoons begin to mate from January through March, and give birth to a litter of two to five young—called kits—just over two months later. There is a major spike in raccoon calls as raccoons begin giving birth, and the noises of the […]

Dealing With Urban Coyotes
Dealing With Urban Coyotes

Urban coyotes are present in practically every city across the United States. For many cities and suburbs, dealing with urban coyotes is a new concept.  Coyotes—which were often heard in these areas but rarely seen—are now making themselves very visible. There is still much to learn about how coyotes use urban environments.  We do know […]

Bird Nest on Gutter
Birds Nesting Around Your Home

Birds are usually a welcome and attractive addition to our yards, with bird feeders and birdbaths a common addition to the garden. However, birds nesting around the home can cause damage and health issues if not controlled. Birds do not always build their nests in safe or suitable locations. The gutters, dormers, eaves, and porches […]

Raccoon Kits
Baby Raccoons in Your Home

Late March through early April is a special — and possibly very stressful — time for homeowners in Ohio. This is the time of year raccoons give birth to their young. Quite often baby raccoons are born in the attics, crawlspaces, and seemingly unreachable voids of residential homes and commercial buildings. Mother raccoons give birth […]

Bat in Attic
Wildlife in Your Home

Dealing with wildlife in your home can be a very stressful experience.  The scratching sounds at night keep you awake.  The odors during the day make entire rooms off-limits.  The presence of nuisance wildlife in your house can take a toll on both your mood and your health. Wildlife is all around you throughout the […]

Raccoons in Winter
Raccoons in Winter

Raccoons are quite resourceful at finding food and shelter.  Raccoons in winter are very successful in locating den sites that have a consistent temperature and are attached to reliable food sources.  We, humans, refer to those den sites as houses. As winter arrives, raccoons have two primary goals.  They want to find someplace warm to […]

The Importance of Nuisance Wildlife Removal

More than 75 percent of the U.S. population resides in urban areas.  The numerous parks, woodlots, streams, and riverbanks of these urban settings provide habitat for many species of wildlife.  As the urban wildlife population expands—and the wildlife grows accustomed to living in and around urban communities—people and wildlife will cross paths.  These encounters can […]

Animals Living in the Attic? Ut-oh!

There it is!  That scratching, digging or thumping sound from up in the attic.  Sometimes you even hear growls or vocal cries.  Even though October is the spooky time of year, this isn’t a ghost.  It’s animals in the attic. You name it, it can be up there.  Raccoons, squirrels, opossum, birds, and bats.  They’re […]

Skunk in Cage
Critter Control: What to Expect

So you have an uninvited guest of the four-legged variety.  When you call for help, what should you expect?  Nuisance wildlife removal — or critter control — is something many homeowners never expect to deal with.  But when it happens it’s good to know in advance what is involved. Typically, the whole encounter begins with […]

Nuisance Wildlife During Winter

As winter quickly approaches there is a variety of wildlife looking for a warm place to wait out the cold.  The same creatures we consider cute and cuddly during the spring can become a nightmare if they nest in our home in the winter.  Nuisance wildlife during winter can become both a health and financial […]