The removal of nuisance wildlife is a specialized service, one many homeowners have never had to content with. We’re often asked some basic questions about this unique field and our services. We continually add the more common questions to our list of Frequently Asked Questions to better serve our clients and to help educate the public.

“How is Summit Wildlife Control licensed for wildlife removal?”

We are licensed by the State of Ohio as a Commercial Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator. Certification and testing is required to obtain licensing, and we are required to maintain the license on a yearly basis. There are strict rules and regulations governing the trapping and removal of nuisance wildlife in Ohio. Certification and licensing demonstrates our understanding and compliance with these rules and regulations.

“Doesn’t my exterminator offer the same services as Summit Wildlife Control?”

Many of the large national chain pest control companies—and even your local exterminator—may offer “wildlife removal”, but this isn’t their forte. Few, if any, of their service personnel are trained and experienced in the handling of nuisance wildlife and the potential spread of zoonotic diseases—an infectious disease that can be transmitted from animals to humans.

Summit Wildlife Control is focused solely on the removal of nuisance wildlife. We have years of training and experience in this specialized field, and employ industry-standard best practices in the safe removal of wildlife and the environmental cleanup/remediation of animal waste and contaminants they leave in your home or business.

“Why are some nuisance wildlife more costly to remove than others?”

In terms of nuisance wildlife, every species is different. Each has different habits and behaviors, and this means that each species must be trapped, removed, and handled differently. Service calls often present unique situations requiring us to be prepared with a variety of skills and solutions to safely and quickly remove an animal.

Nuisance wildlife control professionals utilize a host of specialized traps, devices, tools and animal-handling and safety gear to ensure our safety while working with potentially dangerous wild animals. Depending on what is required in a given situation, all of this factors into the service fees we charge to resolve your nuisance wildlife issue.